Herve Van Der Straeten

I was recently looking at a few Herve Van Der Straeten furniture pieces for a client. I've always known of Van Der Straeten strictly as a designer of furniture and lighting so was surprised to learn that, prior, he was a jewelry designer. It makes sense now that I think about it-- his furniture and lighting looks like jewelry on steroids! Van Der Straeten himself says that his jewelry designs are a laboratory for studying shapes for future furniture and lighting. Van Der Staeten is not the only designer who has had success expanding beyond one discipline. Frank Gehry's jewelry line with Tiffany is another example of this. In the end, form, proportion, line and scale are elements of all design - from the macro level of a building to the micro level of a pair of earrings. I just find it fascinating when the connection reads so clear like it does in much of Van Der Straeten's work.

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  1. I definitely see the connection btwn the furniture/lighting and jewelry. What do you think about Gehry, is the connection obvious in this work too? And didn't Zaha Hadid design jewelry too?