Alec Soth

Check out these photographs from Minnesotan photographer, Alec Soth. It's hard to describe why I like them so much, but I think it's partly because they remind me of growing up in the Midwest. Soth's photographs always feature unexpected and overlooked subjects and somehow he manages to capture beauty in their loneliness and isolation. My favorite photograph, pictured first, is of a cemetery in Fountain City, Wisconsin. No doubt it's beautiful to look at, but as with much of Soth's work, there is a dark undercurrent.  Upon first glance you might not notice the obscured gravestones embedded in the trees.  It's a surreal juxtaposition to the focus of the image, the convenience store.  To me, its almost like the store-- with its geometric form, manmade materials, glaring light and commercialism-- has intruded on the tranquility of this majestic resting place.  But there are many ways to interpret this photograph, and that's why Soth is so great.  How do you read this image?

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  1. Love the first photograph. Almost seems like the gas station is an oasis though, especially considering the way it's practically glowing. I imagine there's not a lot of these on this stretch of highway so its like a lifesaver, saving someone from running out of gas...