Michigan Central Station

In 1913, Michigan Central Station was the largest train station in the world. Today it is literally just a shell of it's former glory. And although it is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings, it stands on the verge of being demolished.

Like many of the beautiful and architecturally significant buildings in Detroit, the station fell victim to abuse and neglect when the city
began to deteriorate. These photos below show how the train station looks today. I find it completely heartbreaking.
To really get a feel, take a virtual tour here.


  1. Great post. Very sad. This building would make a great art museum ala Musee D'Orsay. Doesn't architecture today seem so boring and modest compared to grandiose buildings like this? Or are buildings today just a new kind of "grand" that future generations will appreciate in a way that we take for granted?

  2. What a shame. Ilove America before 1960. Michigan Central and similar buildings are a glorious image of genuine american civilization. All must be saved and restored! Guest star: Union pacific Big Boy!