Felt Loft

This post is for my better half of Twin Pique who has a love of all things felt. I came across this story in the Times today about Dana Barnes, a textile designer who works almost exclusively with the material. Some may even go so far as to say that she has a serious felt fetish. She first had the idea of working with the material when her family moved into this SoHo loft. The space was raw, unfinished and desperately needed softening and noise deadening for their two young children. Dana began by creating chunky, braided felt rugs and soon felt found a way into the artwork and furnishings as well. In fact very little furniture, in a conventional sense, can be found in the home. Instead the family makes use of low-lying felt platforms and pillows as seating options for more casual and informal interactions. And because these pieces are lightweight, they can be stacked up, stored away, and repositioned daily to suit the needs of the family. Think of it as a constantly changing landscape of felt.


  1. Oh my! This is amazing. Incredible colors too.

  2. Is any of her stuff for sale and semi affordable?

  3. Definitely not affordable, but check out her website here for info: