I’ve just discovered the website www.polyvore.com and I’m really impressed. To sum it up, it is essentially the virtual equivalent of playing paper dolls. You can mix and match real clothing items, shoes, hats, tights and other accessories from various websites with different backgrounds, models and props to create a fashion magazine-like spread of new “looks.”
I spent some time on it the other day and it’s really fun, although more challenging than what you might think to put together an interesting outfit. So many fashionistas are running rampant on there that the simple, all-black aesthetic that I always seem to resort to just isn’t going to cut it. In theory, it’s a great way to try out different looks before buying them and to get more creative with your wardrobe. But that’s assuming you actually have time to put that much thought into your appearance! I’ll probably just stick to copying the outfits the fashion mavens create.
I can totally see a website like this existing for interior design. Imagine how fun it would be to mix and match paint colors with furniture, lighting, rugs and artwork before you buy them! Does this already exist?

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