Chanel's Spring Couture Collection

For anyone who thinks fashion design is a joke, I highly recommend watching this video from Chanel’s haute couture collection for spring. For me, watching is a bit like how I feel when taking a yoga class- focused, controlled and slightly awkward! But the up-close and sustained shots are perfect for seeing the incredible detail, textures and craft involved in each piece. It’s a perspective you would never get from a runway. As an interior designer, there’s a lot to take away from this video. The collection is not about adding decorative, surface embellishments to make a piece interesting - it’s about the actual construction. That’s a really important distinction and a good reminder of what makes an interior space timeless and inspirational. 

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  1. First of all that video is positively extraterrestrial! Awesome. Secondly, I was just reading a quote by industrial/stage designer Norman Bel Geddes last night that speaks to what you are saying: “You are doomed to fail if you think designing is a matter of making gay sketches of costumes and scenes. Design is not a synonym for ornament or decoration. Ornament is embellishment of a surface.”