Cy Twombly

Last week the Huffington Post asked Habitually Chic blogger Heather Clawson to curate a collection of interiors around Cy Twombly’s art. In the post, Clawson states that one should never choose art for a room merely because it “goes” with the fabric and furniture. In spite of that disclaimer, there were a few snide comments from readers who thought Twombly’s work was diminished to merely complimenting a great interior instead of standing on its own. It’s pretty obvious that Clawson reveres Twombly’s work by highlighting the interesting dialogue that can take place between his work and some great interiors (see images below). Having a little experience myself in choosing art for a client, the simple fact is that some artists’ work really does seem to fit certain interiors better than others. Twombly’s paintings, with their brilliant color, graphic aesthetic and abstract nature, are a natural choice for many modern spaces. The work doesn’t cower in a room, but instead plays off the dynamism, energy and geometry of the objects in the space.  
To see the Huffington Post collection, click here.

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  1. I love that first painting especially-- gorgeous, rich red color. Clawson is spot on when she talks about art needing to be meaningful to the owner to complete a home.