Tjalf Sparnaay

Just the other day at a collector’s home in Tulsa I saw a delightful painting called Apple Pie by Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay. I’m going through a phase right now where I’m really into contemporary realism so you may be seeing a lot of posts about that in the future. It’s fascinating to me that in today’s tech savvy world an artist would slave for months, sometimes even years, on a painting of an object that a digital camera could capture in five seconds. The degree of technical prowess required of these contemporary realist painters is astounding. No need for any sort of story or concept behind these paintings for me, I enjoy Sparnaay’s work simply for its sweet subject matter and technical virtuosity.


  1. oh crazy! I thought it was a photograph.

  2. I know! This would be a good artist to recommend to a client for a kitchen. People who don't even like art like this realist stuff b/c it takes real skill that they can visibly see. He is represented by OK Harris Gallery in NYC.