Alexander McQueen

Last night I caught a documentary on Hulu about Alexander McQueen. The guy was a bona fide genius.

McQueen came from a blue collar, working-class family and therefore considered himself to be the “pink-sheep.” Some of McQueen's most memorable designs were outlandish, unconventional and just plain bizarre. McQueen didn’t just create fashion, he created spectacles. On the runway he sprayed models with paint, encased them in butterflies, and shackled their arms and legs together forcing them to walk the runway like discombobulated puppets.

But McQueen’s work wasn’t only about shock value. He started out learning the disciplines of traditional tailoring from the best in the business. It was the foundation that enabled him to experiment with extremely difficult fabrics and earned him a reputation in the fashion world as an expert at creating an impeccably tailored look.


  1. Seems AMQ was more like an artist who uses clothing as his medium than a fashion designer. The image you picked is gorgeous, but definitely on the tame side compared to his other crazy concoctions.

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